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Alhurra is US based Arabic news TV launched in 2004. The news and current affairs are the core content broadcast by the channel available in over 22 countries of Middle East and North Africa. Alhurra has so far maneuvered herself to an overwhelming position among the competitors like BBC Arabic, France 24 Arabic, CCTV Arabic, Sky Arabia, RTV Arabic and others. Virginia based Alhurra’s mission is to provide objective, authentic, and relevant content and information to the Arabs and non-Arabs of the Middle East hit with the war and unrest.

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Watch Alhurra News Live stream online. The third most watched Pan-Arab News TV is available in high quality.

More About Alhurra

Alhurra ropes democratic values by the fresh range of ideas, opinions, and perspectives available in Middle Eastern region. Apart from news and reporting of regional and international events, Alhurra brings information on a great deal of topics which include health, entertainment, Sports, science, news, fashion and technology. In April 2004, MBN launched a separate channel, Alhurra-Iraq, which features news and current affairs programming specifically focuses at the Iraqi audience. The channel owned by MBN has offices and bureaus in Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem a wide presence of correspondents in Middle East, US, North Africa and Europe. Alhurra, (The Free One) funded by US Government through Broadcasting Board of Governors, (BBG) claiming editorial progress, larger audience and other goods will turn 12 in February 2016.

About Channel

Launch date 14 February, 2004
Country United States
Availability 22 Countries (via satellite) and rest of the world via webcast.
Owner Middle East Broadcasting Networks
Language English and Arabic
Website http://www.alhurra.com/index.aspx


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