Watch Third Presidential Debate 2016

Watch Third Presidential Debate 2016


The third and final debate between probably the most controversial presidential candidates in the history of US elections was scheduled on Wednesday, October 19. First and Second debates had given some heavy blows to Donald Trump and Grand Old Party. In the concluding verbal contest held at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Donald Trump already was quite favorite to lose. On the other hand Hillary was enjoying some said five, eight or nine-point-lead. The leaked Trump locker room tape with extremely lewd conversation certainly proved to be the last nail in the coffin. After the 2nd US Presidential Debate and the leak of the viral vulgar comments of Trump many in top Republican leadership, voters and die-hard fans of Republican nominee felt the GOP was hijacked by Mr. Donald.

Watch 3rd United States Presidential Debate 2016

Watch Third and Final United States Presidential Debate between Hillary and Trump. 3rd GOP debate is online for the livenewson audiences. Here is the Full debate between Republican and Democratic Party nominees.

No sane representative from the party and among supporters seem to easily defend him for groping women. Consequently it was never easy for him to get away with such trash. Trump had no time to change the narrative, lost his cool constantly and already started to deny the legitimacy of the results of elections. Trump and Team Trump with its foresight is complaining and messaging beforehand that there would be a total rigging and GOP is going to bear the defeat as a result of the nastiest propaganda Hillary Clinton, Democrats, odds and media are doing against the Make America Great Again man. Debate is full of blames, personal attacks with neither side announcing the policy, visions, plans or anything. According to Vox, there were three winners and two losers form the final debate: Winner 1: Hillary Clinton, Winner 2: The Reproductive Rights Movement, Winner 3: Vladimir Putin Loser 1: Donald Trump and Loser 2: The Democratic Process. Moderated by Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace, here is the full Third Presidential debate for you and is absolutely up to you to make whatever you want of it. No Offense!